What Our Customers Say

Mrs. Campi
New River Transmission is the place to go for excellent work and fast service. They are honest and the staff is courteous and a pleasure to deal with.
Katherine Lambright
Great work and excellent customer service! I would recommend them!
Jeff U
Whenever I need transmission work, I always go to New River Transmission. Why wouldn’t I go to the best?
Harriett W
You couldn't ask for a better or more trustworthy mechanic
William D
Superior work, excellent customer service!
Jim P
I have used New River Transmission and have had no problems whatsoever. The repair was fast and they were very professional.
Tom w
John did a great job diagnosing my problem (not the transmission, as it turned out). Couldn't ask for a better or more trustworthy mechanic. If I ever do need transmission work, I'll definitely go to New River.
Pat S
Excellent!!!!! I replaced my transmission in CT for 2300.00 and it failed after one year. New River helped me recover some of my losses and replaced the transmission for almost half of the price. I have since replaced the engine and the transmission began shifting hard from 3rd to 2nd... I was told by another shop to replace the transmission... I called New River to check on the warranty; they had my record from 3 years ago! The owner (who I have been able to speak with EVERY TIME said "run away from someone trying to sell you a transmission; shifting down hard is one problem corrected by resetting the computer vs shifting poorly up is a transmission replacement issue". Over the phone I got advice! I can not say enough great things about this shop. Superior work, excellent customer service!